5-2-2014-3 Abstract
A literature review was undertaken to help answer the questions: What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming modeling? How to undertake Neuro-Linguistic Programming modeling?

NLP was found to be a behavioral science started by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the early 1970s. NLP modeling was described as behavioral modeling that identified the successful patterns that exceptional performers used whilst undertaking a particular skill.

To undertake NLP modeling involved a multi-stage process of selecting a skill to model, choosing master practitioners, observing them in practice and eliciting their thought processes and behaviors; then producing a model annotated using the Emprint Method and finally using the model to teach others that skill.

The paper concluded that NLP Modeling is an interesting approach that could allow for the transfer of knowledge and skill from master practitioners to others. The topic for further research suggested is how to apply NLP modeling to Dr Chapél a master educator in the field of martial science.